$35/night +$20/night for each additional dog 
We welcome your dog/s for over-night stays in the comfort of our home. No min/max number of nights as long as we are available. Kennel-free unless potty-training or specifically requested. Owner is responsible for providing food. All else is optional (beds, toys and treats). We recommend a meet&greet prior to all first stays.


$20/30 mins +$10 for each additional dog 
We come to your house and treat your pup/s to either a walk in your neighborhood or much-needed relief in the yard. Each visit will include water refreshing, feeding if necessary and plenty of picture updates! We will exercise your dog well and shower them in affection before locking up. Your dogs safety is #1!


Half Day: $20/≤4 hours
Full Day: $30/≥5 hours
Spots are limited! Flexible drop-off and pick-up times. A convenient solution for exercise and socialization. For those long days you are stuck at work! Meet and Greet recommended before first visit.
*Each service is dependent upon our availability. We cannot guarantee we will be available for every request. Our priority is providing individualized attention, so we maintain a maximum of 3 dogs/night.

We hope to hear from you soon!