Meet Hudson

Hudson is an integral employee here at the Happy Dog. He joined our family on Christmas of 2019 at 8 months old and we can’t imagine life any other way. A purebred golden, although he is very red! His favorite pastimes are chasing balls, hoarding stuffed animals, extreme cuddling and wrestling new friends. Hudson is a big baby who will not get close to the vacuum and is always the first to back down in any confrontation. He is enjoying his position here at the Happy Dog, showing all his new friends the ropes and making them feel at home. Hudson can’t wait to meet you!

Meet Charlie

He’s more than just a mascot or a staff member – he’s our best friend.  He enjoys sitting in chairs, running through trails, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

He is a very calm and confident 7 year old mixed-breed that has the best job in the world – testing out our new clients! He handles each meet & greet with the utmost professionalism: eager to play with the puppies, yet gentle with the seniors. He’s the dog with the most friends in the world! IMG_0359